Nutritional Therapy

Why nutritional therapy?

Research continually demonstrates the profound effect that food and lifestyle choices can have on the way we think and feel. These are the aspects of our lives we are able to gain control over; yet many of us are not maximising these tools to enhance our health.

Through Nutritional Therapy we will investigate the root causes of symptoms and system imbalances. Then, using an evidence-based and client centred approach, we will implement food and lifestyle changes targeted to restore balance across many body systems.

Where appropriate I may recommend private functional tests or refer you to your GP, and suggest supplementation** to best support you along your journey. Education is at the heart of my practice, as for me, ensuring you understand what may be contributing to your imbalances and health concerns is as important as helping you work towards an enhanced state of health.

**Any private tests and supplements recommended will incur an additional charge.

How can Nutritional Therapy help you?

Nutritional Therapy uses the functional medicine approach to examine you as an individual taking into account your family history, health history, environment, diet and lifestyle (movement, stress levels, etc).

Nutritional Therapy works alongside conventional medicine and can be an effective tool to optimise:

  • Energy levels and blood sugar regulation
  • Immune system function
  • Digestive health
  • Hormonal health
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Skin health and healthy ageing
  • Sleep quality
  • Weight management
  • Nutrition through pregnancy
  • General wellbeing (health MOT).

To learn more about a typical nutritional therapy consultation with me click here.

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